Her face turned red with anger.

I don't care because I'm happy.

Sanford and Tal swam together every morning.

Gary didn't want to admit that he was the one who had broken the window.


We were very serious about it.


I cannot shave my beard.


He named his dog Rex.

Lord has an amazing memory.

Paraguay is a country in South America.

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Where are you taking him?


Someone else might want your old desk if you don't want it anymore.

We must hand in a history paper by next Saturday.

If Nichael would eat less, he'd be healthier.

It's the only way.

Hirotoshi works in Singapore for a London-based company.


Glen persuaded Dimetry to go swimming with him.


Bret and Jess seem to be enjoying each other's company.


You cannot have your own way in everything.


Your report is pretty good, if not excellent.

It was almost too good to be true.

The fibonacci sequence makes numerous appearances throughout the natural world.


You seem a kind man.

This book is still interesting even after reading it many times.

Those are my orders.


I have the same dress as you!

The girls greeted us warmly.

The deal did not go through.


The meeting has already begun.

Write to me.

You must be alert.

How can I show you my love?

I'm sure things will work out.

Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful?

Do you have any more of those?


What is aspirin made of?


The loud noise woke up the children.

He took medical advice.

I'm happy to be here, Miltos.

How did you persuade Vincenzo to come back home?

We're not listening.

Don't trifle with the matter.

Let it dry.

Do you see all those skeletons strewn around? Don't you think this fortune is unclaimed for a reason?

It's a ghost town.

I can take them home.

What is bred in the bone will come out in the blood.

How did you get inside?

I still don't have my homework done.

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I heard you talking to them.


His overcoat is worn out.

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"Come and tell me who you are," said she, "and how came you here."

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The king rules over his subjects.

Everything is in place already.

He doesn't use it.


The game was drawn.

Andries never liked that.

My laptop has been running so slow lately.

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I should have exiled myself to the summit of a mountain and spent my days growing bonsais and writing kanji in black ink.


Anne doesn't mind waiting.


She was able to read the book.

There's a good chance that Kaj will be the new manager.

She tested an engine.

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I held his sleeve.

Take your hat off when you enter a house of worship.

You must keep to the rules.

What is your store like?

Note that you have an extra space between these two words.

How many medications are you on?

If Lance had understood French, he would've known what was going on.

Is that my mug?

No weapons were discovered.

Roger Miller began writing songs because he loved the music he heard on the radio.

The river descends from the mountains to the bay below.

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I am near the station.

I was expecting it to be a bad book, but damn me if it wasn't quite good after all.

Taro bought a used car last week.

I told him to go.

Lieutenant, my temper is shorter than my blade.

Where are the knives?

We have a lot of room for improvement.

While at first he got famous from an independent film that he made, he then went from the director of a musical TV series to a full-fledged movie director. Such was his career.

What kind of nonsense is that?

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Why are we voting for Dory?

They were for the most part young people.

You're lucky you're a girl.

Due to our office moving, we will be closed from May 30 to 31.

I was just fortunate.


I went to the meeting in place of Sam, who was sick.

Next time we'll agree on a meeting place.

Without Esperanto you miss something.

They do it faster than us.

Kirk is very sorry.


Donald isn't like that.

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We believe him honest.

My hair got kinky.

Marci ended up getting a good job.


When I was younger, I hated going to weddings. My grandmothers and aunts would huddle around me, poke me in the side, and giggle "You're next! You're next!" They only stopped this nonsense when I began to do the same thing at funerals.

We get on and off the bus here.

No one has heard Randy say Aaron's name.

Money is used for buying or selling goods, measuring value and storing wealth.

Takeuchi certainly enjoys his wine.

Ira is a very nice girl.

Hank talks funny.

Why was the last sentence added five hours ago?

There is no grass on the moon.

I need to warn my mom.

What time is dinner?

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This country is rich in oil.

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John laid claim to the painting.

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Egyptian began to be written using the Greek alphabet in the 1st century.


I thought you'd sleep until noon.


If work permits, I would like to go see you guys in April.

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I wonder how it would feel like to be a man.

I'm not over the hill yet.

Sanjib was able to accomplish everything he'd set out to do.


I needed the exercise.

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Natraj always pays for dinner whenever we go out together.

He was kind enough to take him to the shop.

Since my husband became sick he's lost as much as 20 kilograms and his pants are now baggy.


I have always kept my promises.


The boy wants to go to the toilet.

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This is a house to let, not to be sold.


Mara was all worn out.

Don't think I won't do it.

I wonder what language aliens would speak in.


What lovely flowers these are!

Wearing second-hand clothes is now popular among young people.

I'll open a bank account.


Our combined fleet broke through the enemy's defense zone.

I don't get along with my stepmother.

You made me buy that for you.

He studied economics at college.

A crisis in France could be bad for America.


You eat lobster for Christmas? Are you serious?

I know someone who may be interested in your project.

Hotta isn't very sophisticated.

This restaurant is noted for its good food.

What kind of animals live around here?


Marion is kind of creepy.

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He has a fertile imagination.

The Giants finally made it to the playoffs.

We have no information about what's going to happen.

Twice I have tried to kill myself.

Perry scratched his back with a backscratcher.

I hope I'm not the only one who's going to be there.

The teapot is whistling.


My wife passed out in the Muay Thai lesson.

There was no money for rebuilding.

What made him angry?

Left-wing communism is an infantile disorder.

I thought he was sick.

She called you.

Don't you want some ice cream?